Hi, I'm Jacob 👋

I'm an IT Specialist 👨‍💻 in the East Bay 🌁

About me:

I'm an IT specialist currently located in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. I began my career in IT while pursuing my Bachelor’s at UC Santa Cruz, helping professors and staff navigate the new virtual learning environment which boomed in the wake of the pandemic. Post graduation I joined the non-profit College Track where I currently work as an IT Support Specialist based out of the organization's Oakland headquarters. My role on the 4 person team is "more than just helpdesk" as I also provide on site support, automate internal IT processes, and much more - the highlights of which you can read about below.

The highlights of what I've done:


IT Support Specialist


College Track


2022 - Present

  • Serve as the primary helpdesk agent where I handle over 70% of IT support tickets for an organization of ~250 users.
  • Serve as the primary technician in charge of provisioning laptops to staff across the country. Through the use of jamf MDM and bash scripting I automated the Macbook setup process to take 50% less time per machine.
  • Serve as primary site support technician for northern California sites: responsible for troubleshooting network issues, installing hardware, and handling e-waste.
  • Provide AV support for a variety of events: board meetings with hybrid components, scholar graduations in auditoriums, holiday parties in need of a karaoke setup.
  • Overhauled the helpdesk ticketing system to streamline the submission process for end users and built a ticket dashboard for the IT team to capture common pain points.

Educational Technology Support Lead

Educational Technology Support Consultant


UC Santa Cruz's ITS


2020 - 2022

  • Served as student lead for the Zoom Pair Program at UC Santa Cruz, supporting 580+ faculty with their remote teaching needs.
  • Served as hiring committee chair interviewing new student technicians and leads. Provided training and support for student consultants.
  • Provided tier 2 technical support for Zoom, YuJa, and other remote teaching technologies.
  • Volunteered to serve on the Password Reset Support Team, aiding the campus-wide password reset effort during summer of 2021, affecting over 19,000 users.

How I'm developing myself:

It sounds cliché but IT is a field where you constantly learn new things. This is doubly true for me, someone with a degree in Global Economics. I'm drinking from a fire hose when it comes to immersing myself in the different areas of this field. I'm putting in work, outside of work, in order to quickly become more skilled. The first concrete effort was completing Google's IT Support Certificate in order to solidify the foundational skills I was building through my job.

Currently I am learning how to script without just using ChatGPT by learning Python through Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Once I build more of a base skillset I want to try my hand at coding problems found on LeetCode or CodeSignal. Aside from that I'm also building a homelab to experiment with.

More from me:

Connect with me on LinkedIn

In 2021 I compiled a portfolio of art I made. If that interests you, check it out on my other website.

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